Christmas is not here yet, but buying gifts is well underway – and so be it. If your mind is saving on Christmas presents, you should not miss buying it lately.

Here are a few easy tips to save money and nerves when buying Christmas presents. Have a fun and relaxing Christmas wait!

Be on time (or really late)

If you leave Christmas shopping for the final week, you can be prepared for a huge crowd in the malls. Christmas carols cut out their third month on the tube and start to come out of their ears, and most likely the shelves will be emptying their favorite toys and collections this Christmas. Many start their Christmas shopping on Black Friday.

Christmas cannot surprise anyone, as it comes every year (as winter, the tip for motorists and VR!). You can go shopping as soon as toy catalogs knock on the mailbox and packaging services appear in shopping malls or even earlier if you keep your eyes and ears open all year long: good gift ideas are also available in the summer!

If you are cold-hearted, that is, you can withstand congestion and not startle, even if your favorite items are out of stock, you can leave the purchase of Christmas presents to the last drop: sometimes discounts start already!

Even the most picky ones can even consider buying gifts after Christmas, when sales start off really well.

Best Online Deals – Be sure to pay by credit card!

Best Online Deals - Be sure to pay by credit card!

The easiest way to avoid Christmas gift angst and aggression is to shop online. You can shop online anytime, anywhere, even in the middle of the night at the cottage. All you need is a working internet connection. It is also advisable to be on the go early in the online shop, as Christmas holidays may delay delivery times. Being on time will ensure your packages arrive by Christmas.

The advantages of online shops are not only ease of use and speed, but also a wide selection. Even the largest Finnish shopping malls do not offer the same amount of merchandise as in online stores, where every dress and jacket is available in thousands of colors and fifty different sizes.

Competition in online shops is fierce and international, which allows low prices and good selection. However, you shouldn’t be blindfolded when shopping online, but keep in mind the basics: buy only from trusted sites and use a credit card, as a credit card will secure your online purchase.

For example, OP Visa will credit you purchases up to € 6,000 over the life of the card (180 days or two years) at a deductible of € 40.

If you don’t have a credit card yet, or if you have ever taken a credit card without further comparison, we recommend comparing credit cards in our handy credit card comparison:

Instead of the goods after all?

Instead of the goods after all?

If the idea of ​​giving as gifts is a distraction, feel free to expand your horizons to other gift ideas. In addition to the goat donations to developing countries, various adventurous gifts have really come to fruition in recent years. How about a massage instead of a sweater for grandma? Or a gift card for Pokemon Go for a kid?

For most people, the best way to gain new experiences is to travel. A holiday trip to the sun or even a quick trip to Tallinn for the weekend, both break the daily routine. A holiday trip is also a wonderful gift idea!

If you decide to leave, remember that a credit card is a traveler’s friend when traveling. You often get travel insurance for the same reason.