Savings tips are always useful, whether we are in crisis or times are more optimistic. In this article we will give you some tips to help your family save money.

Read good books or frequent parenting classes, or look for credible people who can help you in this direction to inform and help the whole family to gain and / or maintain strong and positive values ​​and virtues. Never forget that money plays a central role in people’s lives so it is vital that you develop a healthy relationship as money.

Encourage Volunteering

Encourage Volunteering

Even if you have a tight family budget, remind your children of the luck they have: food, a home, a good education, parents who care about them … and unlike them, there are many children who have nothing or little of it .

Family volunteering is perfect to help them get out of themselves and help others. There are innumerable initiatives that will build you and help you grow concerned about others. And this will give more value to money, which gives them another criterion when asking for or spending money

Protect Yourself From “Dangerous” Arguments

Protect Yourself From "Dangerous" Arguments

It is inevitable that your child compares the rules he has at home with those of his friends. Combine and think about the most effective arguments to counter these conversations and defend yourself by making them understand your arguments. Do it as empathically as possible so that you do not feel you have to accept its fundamentals. With persistence and patience, they will end up realizing.

Does Your Child Need A Mobile Phone?

Does Your Child Need A Mobile Phone?

In this field, the example of the mobile phone is one of the most common. If you have questions about whether or not your child is old and mature enough to have a mobile phone, think carefully before using this type of argument: “Poor thing, all friends have a cell phone, they are the only ones who do not. “

Before making a decision, do not forget that the mobile phone should work as something utilitarian and not playful. Many families choose to offer a mobile phone (which does not have to be top of the range) to their children only when they begin to have the responsibility of walking alone on the street (from home to school, for example).

Money can and should be looked upon naturally. But as it touches on structuring factors in people’s lives it is essential that parents increasingly care about fostering a healthy relationship with money.